Our Services

"Your success is our mission! Perfection is our mission. Your permission is all we need to achieve our mission of making your dream event a reality!"

Wedding Decorations

Every bride has dreamt of their own wedding; whether it is one that is set along the beautiful tropical beaches with fine white sands, gentle breeze blowing through hair; or one that is set in a fabulously lavishing hotel ballroom with splendid-looking floral centerpieces. It is our passion to realize these dreams and to turn them into reality. We emphasize on creating that unique moment just the way you have dreamt it.

Party Decorations

Here at Eventivus, we believe that all great events begin with a unique and creative concept. From the early stages of theme development, to the execution of event items and design production, we strive to create one smooth journey. At Simply Grand, we have a dedicated team of experts and design specialists who are willing to commit through their passion and expertise in turning your special occasion into a flawless and perfect one.

Corporate Events

We have established ourselves as the leading providers of Corporate Event services.  These services are provided by established professionals in accordance to industry-specified standards of quality. Through the print medium, we market the products and services of our clients so that their visibility in the market increases and their brand becomes even more noticeable in the market.

Flower Decorations

Nothing makes a wedding more fabulous than a nicely arranged floral decoration design. The way our team sees it, it is the essential element that cannot be disregarded at a wedding occasion. The extraordinary thing about flowers and leaves is that they can be mixed and matched in so many ways to create a wide array of moods including romantic, glamorous, all natural greenery, and even ultra-modern, chic-like styles.